Sunday, August 2, 2009

Avoid boredom at all costs

Went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The Musical at the opulent Palace Theatre last night in London. Phil and I were in row B on the aisle (second row from the stage, bang in the middle) and so were so very close to the stage we got the spit and sweat from all the performers, including Jason Donovan who was camping it up like there was no "The Face" magazine... (although to be fair he is holding up well).

Well worth seeing the musical, very uplifting, but as we all know the film so well, not exactly a surprise night out. The most enticing story of the night I read in the programme - about the writer, Stephan Elloitt. He is a crazy and interesting guy and I think he'd fit right in if he lived in Key West.

I wondered what Priscilla Queen of the Desert would look like if it was set in Key West instead of the Australian outback. Priscilla (the bus) would obviously become a boat. Maybe Priscilla Queen of the Everglades! Or Priscilla Queen of Stock Island!

Al Clark (the producer of the musical) was guided by a quote from the Spanish director Luis Bunuel: 'You can argue forever about the content of a film, its aesthetic, its style, even its moral posture - but the crucial imperative is to avoid boredom at all costs.'

It's a cool quote. And if you remove 'the content of a film' and replace it with 'life in Key West' - it still works!