Monday, August 4, 2014

Key West facts and figures

Here's some facts and figures about Key West.

Key West geography: Key West is 4 miles long by 1.5 miles wide. It's tiny, with an area of 7.4 square miles. 

Located: 129 miles from Miami and 106 miles from Cuba.   


Population: 25,478 people call Key West home. Conchs are lucky because - however much they like to moan about island life - they have the satisfaction of knowing that they don't have to pack up and go home (back to the cold) after a 5 day vacation.

Visitors: 3 million people visit Key West every year. 68% come by car, 5% by air, 23% by cruise ship.

Altitude: Key West's highest point is Solares Hill at 18 feet above sea level. The peak is just by the Key West cemetary - at Elizabeth and Angela Streets.

Bridges: There are 42 bridges from Miami to Key West. 

Seven Mile Bridge: Is the most famous bridge, albeit not the most beautiful. There are of course 2, the old (disused) bridge was finished in 1912 for the railroad. The new bridge was finished in 1982. And it's only 6.7 miles long.

Most beautiful bridge: (coming soon - if you have a suggestion, leave a comment)

Mile Markers (MM): The mile markers count down / up the distance to / from Key West along Highway 1. The "first one" MM126 is just outside Florida City. At the other end, the other "first one" is MM0 is at the intersection of Fleming and Whitehead Street.

Islands in the stream: The Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago with Key West at the end. There are 823 separate islands down the chain with Key West island #824.

Tallest. The tallest habitable structure in Key West is La Concha hotel. It was opened in 1925. It's 7 stories tall.

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