Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coming soon on Key West Lookout

I'm currently on vacation in Key West and so the blog is going to take a vacation too! I will be back in a few weeks with the following posts. Check back soon.

Coming soon on this Key West Lookout blog:
  • Key West's best budget, great value guest houses and hotels - brand new post
  • Updates to Key West's best restaurants, best cocktail places, and Key West vegetarian, Key West things to do
  • Tomorrow we are flying to Fort Jefferson national park on a sea plane and so there will be a post on that
  • My annual "changes, good and bad, that I've noticed in Key West" post (late December 2014)
  • MOTM Parrothead convention
  • Halloween in Key West
  • My pictures of the week. A small selection of the thousands of images I've taken this week, like this one below

I like bringing readers both useful and practical posts like the ones listed above. But I also like to post about the totally useless but fun in Key West. On this theme, coming soon, is a photo post of two of the girls at Aqua night club. All of the performers are super-stars in my book but 2 stand out for me - Inga and Jessica - and I have photo posts on both. Like their outfits and performances, it'll be a fun post.

Jessica as Adele

All of this in the next few weeks and months on Key West Lookout.