Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Beautiful Key West

Beautiful Key West
Key West is a really beautiful place to visit. It's a beautiful collision of nature, the ocean and the sun at full power. 

You'll need to get off Duval Street, relax a bit and wander. 

You have to come here in person and walk around the place. So all I can give you is an impression. Everything you see below is available in a few square miles in Key West Old Town. All these pictures are all mine and unadulterated by Photoshop or the like.

If you're visiting Key West, take some time to get off Duval Street and explore. 

If you're not, then sit back, look at the following pictures, and dream tropical!

Below please find, for your visual pleasure, Key West's beautiful:

  • Ocean views
  • Trees and flowers
  • Buildings
  • Animals
  • Sunsets (and a sunrise too)

The ocean
Dolphin in Key West waters, very close to shore - this taken from the East Quay wall at the Truman Waterfront
Perfect pelican off Higgs beach

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Fort Zach beach

Key West trees and flowers
For more pictures of Key West's best flower and trees - click here.

Amazing palms by Louie's Backyard

One example of the magnificent Royal Poinciana on Key West 

Hibiscus are my favorite. I have a post dedicated to Key West hibiscus in all their shades.

Beauty in Key West buildings
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Key West animals

Please say hi

Saying hi

I worked hard for this but I got my lunch


Key West sunsets / sunrise
From La Concha hotel viewing platform (which is now sadly closed)
Sunset on the water off Stock Island

Sunrise on St Roosevelt Blvd 

Finally, some videos of beauty in Key West.

The ocean

Alone on White Street pier

The heat

The view

More beautiful Key West houses

More Key West plants, flowers and trees

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