Sunday, February 17, 2013

Michaels Key West

What a great place Michaels restaurant is, well worth the trek from Duval Street. And we thought the best, tastiest food in Key West.  We dined there in January 2013 and had a wonderful meal.

Location, location, location
It's at 532 Margaret Street, near the intersection with Southard Street.  This makes it 5 blocks from Duval so only a 10 minute walk.    It's quite easy to miss Michaels, as it's "hidden" a few houses along from the intersection.

There is an inside dining room, which is more formal and white linens, and an outside section with a bar.

First the serious business of the pre-meal martini. Very good selection here, not quite strong enough (but everywhere in Key West suffers from that apart from Virgilios's martinis). And it certainly did not stop us from imbibing several.

Michaels restaurant martini.  My mum particularly liked the sidecar.
Key Lime Martini in Key West at Michaels restaurant.
Appetizer revelation - you have to have this!
The seafood crepe - simply the best appetizer I've ever had in Key West.  Amazing.  We only got 1 to share and immediately regretted not getting 1 each!

Unfortunately, we were enjoying ourselves so much I forgot to take any pictures of the crepe appetizer or any of our main courses.

Dad and I both had steak, they have a lot of steak on the menu, and it was fantastic.

Delightful dessert, real volcanic fun
Chocolate Volcano
Our signature dessert!
A warm chocolate cake filled with melted chocolate that flows like lava

That's what we had, and not only did it indeed flow like a volcano, it was very tasty indeed.

We made a real mess of the linens (sorry, guys) which my mother found very funny (the glasses of wine and martinis probably had a hand in this too!).
The Chocolate Volcano at Michael's restaurant in Key West in all of its glory.  See the molten lava!
Dad had cheesecake which was a massive portion and good.
I make a chocolate mess on the white linens because of the Chocolate volcano.

The verdict
What a great meal.
Judging by food alone, we all agreed that Michael's has the most delicious food of any restaurant we tried in Key West.  (And we tried all the best restaurants this week - see here).

The appetizer was legendary and the dessert very good fun.  The streak was excellent.  It's a great dining room and we had lots of space (it looked even more fun in the outdoors section of the restaurant).

I would come back here again and again.

It is the very very best restaurant overall in Key West? - see here to view my ratings.