Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday morning Key West

Sunday morning, Key West Florida.

How's your Sunday morning going?  Bars closed? Chores to do? Overcast weather or too cold to get out of bed early? Not much happening?  Then you're not in Key West!

If there is ever a typical Sunday morning in Key West (which there isn't), this morning isn't it.

The following takes places between 8.53am and 9.19am on Sunday 11 November 2012.

It's a Sunday so most of the bars on Duval Street are not quite open yet.  It's only just turned 9am after all.  But this enterprising trio have started early, or are finishing late.   

It's been powerboat week last week in Key West and today and tomorrow all these powerful mega boats will head out of town.  This is one powerful boat.

And all of that in just 26 minutes, in the glorious weather, and beautiful clear morning, here in Key West.

Don't you just love Sunday mornings in November!