Monday, April 2, 2012

Curry Hammock State Park

Curry Hammock State Park is one of my recommendations if you have time to stop off on your drive up (or down) the Florida Keys.  The park is at MM56 oceanside (right turn as you are heading north back to Miami).

It is a very small park, with a small beach but even in peak season is does not seem to get busy - as you can see from my pictures  (taken March 2012 on a Saturday).

There is very little to do here.  You can hire a kayak, but that's about it.  There are no shops or a beach cafe.  So, why bother?

One: It's quiet and peaceful.

Two: It's beautiful.  There a fabulous view of open ocean, the sand is great and it's relaxing.  Check out my video which proves these points (oh, and really makes me want to be back there with my feet in the ocean!).....

Here are some more pictures:
There is only a narrow strip of sand, but it's nice sand.

There are 2 sections to the beach - this one, below, by the parking lot.  There is a good covered picnic area.  This section of beach is only a few hundred meters long.
Curry Hammock beach and picnic area which you can just see to the right.

You can hire these kayaks from the ranger station at the entrance.  There are lots of mangroves and islands to explore and I think it would be good fun.  We did not have time this trip.
Mangroves are colonising at the far eastern point of the park, near the picnic tables.

Curry Hammock beach looking south west.
Just round the bend, here's the second section of the beach, slightly larger, but not by much.
Curry Hammock beach and table at the far western end of the beach.
Curry Hammock - table with a view. Not a person to be seen, just lots of birds.

It's a great place to take a break.  We stropped off for a mid-trip picnic and were only there for an hour.  If you are staying longer, remember to bring all your food and water with you.

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