Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Key West harbor

In Key West the harbor's called the Key West Bight, and the walk on the board walk is one of my favorite things to do in Key West.  
Key West Bight looking out to sea.
There is always so much happening there, every day is different. At dawn, it's almost solitary, for then on there is constant activity with the coming and going of hundreds of boats and ships; by afternoon it's the liveliest place on the island with noise from the harborside bars and restaurants; see the unmissable tarpon/pelican feeding at 4pm; and the watch the sun set in the evening.
And all of this within a few hundred yards of the very center of town...how can you miss it?!.. read on for more...
The Key West Bight is a few hundred yards long. Start at the noisy end - walk down Front Street as far as you can go towards the big A&B Lobster House sign. Then when you reach the water turn right. Then just wander and take it easy. 15 minutes later you'll reach the other end of the Key West Bight walk (it's a little more quiet) - the intersection of Grinnell and Caroline Streets.

Watch this video:

Here's another of my videos of the Bight here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJnKcVE1qoc

The Bight boardwalk is not big, you can do it in 15 minutes or you can take it easy, chill, and take an hour.

There are places to eat and drink but don't forget Caroline Street, which is a block back from the harbor as there are more places to eat, Coffee Plantation and also some art galleries.

The Turtle museum in the Key West Bight
Turtle burgers meat grinding machine in Key West
Turtle burgers sign

Tarpon and pelican feeding at the Key West Bight. Daily 4pm.


A must see at 4pm every day at the Key West Bight is the tarpon and pelican feeding. It's mayhem!

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