Friday, March 23, 2012

20% chance of rain in Key West

The weather in Key West in March can still be a little variable.  We got several days  where the Citizen and the Weather Channel threatened "20% chance of rain".

So here's what 20% chance of rain can look like in Key West.  

Here a 360 degree panorama of 20% chance of rain in Key West, taken one picture after the other from the roof in Old Town where I was sunbathing.....

This a view from behind me.  Lots of clouds on the horizon there.  Fortunately moving away!
To the left, pretty good there, with only a tiny cloud hiding.
In front of me, it's clear.  No 20% risk here!
Finally, directly overhead.  Clear skies and I can continue my sunbathing in the heat of a Key West March.

And no, on this '20% rain' day, it did not rain a drop.

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