Friday, January 6, 2012

Key West webcams - the best 3

The best web cams in Key West

My favourite webcams are both on Duval - actually about 50 metres away from each other. They are all excellent and great fun - spot the shorts and drunken behaviour, which in Key West starts at about 11am.

This is on the outside of Sloppy Joe's bar.  It's on all the time, is fully live (not every 8 seconds) and has sound.  You can easily see it from the street so you can wave at your friends back home in the cold. Faces North (towards the harbor / the Gulf).

This one, as I say, is only 50 metres away but faces South (ie up to the Atlantic ocean end of Duval). Not quite as good as Sloppy Joe's as it is not really live, it takes an image every second or so, and the quality is not quite as good.

A 3 minute stroll from the other two web cams on the bustling Front Street.  This one only refreshes every 8 seconds.