Monday, October 24, 2011

Yes I do go on vacation other places than Key West....

Here's the proof I vacation elsewhere to Key West.  I took an October trip to San Diego and also Palm Springs - a comparison of Key West vs Palm Springs will follow in another post coming soon.

For now, some San Diego pictures that bear a (fleeting) resemblance to Key West!....

San Diego Maritime Museum ship Star of India vs Key West Bight schooner Western Union

This is San Diego's Mission Beach Crystal Pier vs Key West's White Street pier. (ps this was a thick coastal fog which lasted  4 days and brought the temperatures down to the 60s - don't get that in Key West!!!)

This is Old Town San Diego's Old Town Mexican Cafe vs Key West's Duval Street Old Town Mexican restaurant.

Battle of the Best Beaches: This is San Diego's Coronado Beach vs Key West's Fort Zach beach (ok, not very similar!!)