Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Southard Street - most beautiful, prettiest street in Key West

Southard Street is the most beautiful, prettiest street in all Key West.  Don't miss walking it while you are in Key West.

According to who?  Well, me! Here are my runner up most beautiful streets in Key West.

If you don't believe me about Southard Street, here's the proof....Enjoy!

These are all my own photographs taken this trip (September 2011).  They are in rough order as you walk up Southard Street from Duval heading north east up the street to White Street.

Not a good start to Southard Street, at the intersection with Duval, I admit.  Not very beautiful at all!

'The Cafe, A mostly vegetarian place', one of 4 major (and good) restaurants on Southard Street.

The side, Southard Street, view of Sarabeth's building which dates from 1800.

Maybe the best mansion in all Key West? - I love this impressive house.

A close up view of the Captain's walk.

Some funky vegetation on Southard Street.
A view up Southard Street, looking north towards White Street, taken roughly from the intersection with Love Lane.

Fab car, fab house.

This is 730 Southard Street.  I love this clapped out, worn down old house.  Has the  most potential of any house in Key West for improvement now it's finally been sold.

It was sold in Dec 2010.  Was on the market for $3m.  Looking forward to the changes they will make in renovation.

Colors of a mini royal poinciana tree on Southard.  The color in the afternoon sun was amazing.

Another notable Southard restaurant - Mangia Mangia.

The joker in the Southard pack.  A Romanesque villa right in the middle of Southard Street!

Even the smaller houses are cute.

A surprise at the very end of Southard, on White Street, the Key West armory  - a very striking building to end.

So, that's my view, if you disagree feel free to leave a comment.