Friday, September 23, 2011

Local Key West issue - just the one!

I don’t want to delve into local issues – I’m not an expert, I don’t live in Key West all the time and that’s not what this blog is about.

And I don’t want to start the debate here whether Key West is getting better or worse - even though I had a lot of interesting conversations about this issue, as usual, this visit.

However, I will comment on the plan to widen the main ship route into the main harbor to allow for even large cruise ships.  Did I hear that right?  Even LARGER cruise ships?

Here's my snap of the Majesty of the Seas, tied up in KW harbor, a regular visitor.  And below it leaving port so you can see it's massive size.  

What is there small about our current cruise liner visitors? - why would we want it any bigger? 

Ok, rant over - I hope sense prevails in the decision making process - and paying $5m to make an assessment of whether to widen the channel.... don't get me started!...

On the getting worse vs getting better matter, I was sad to see some business close since I was last here.  I'll post the images in the next few days, below...

[closed KW business - images coming soon]